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04 Jul DAHON Horize 2015

I used to go jogging in evening time just trying to lose some weight especially when my metabolism slows down around my age :) But due to my Flat feet (also called pes planus or fallen arches), it’s quite annoying having pains after some running exercise. Since then, I started to look for another alternative and stumble upon cycling.

In Singapore there are more and more people picking up cycling as the Park Connector Network is getting better connected than before. So I decided to get a bicycle.

But the question now is what type of bike I want to get? Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Hybrid, Fixie or Foldable? Due to my space constraint, I think foldable suits me most.

Now the choices are narrowed down to what brands should I go for? Considering the fact I’m newbie (although I learned cycling since 10 years old) and don’t even know whether will I be persistent about it. I am looking at a budget around 500 bucks. With this budget, I can get quite number of decent bikes but just entry type.

Start looking at Vert V8 (local brand), Dahon Route, Tern C7, Bickerton, Java Fit 6S. Kind of lock down to Java Fit and Dahon Route and decided to head down to local bike store to test it out.

Upon reached the bike shop, was introduced to Bickerton, Dahon Horize, Tern Link D8 and Dahon Speed Falco. All these was out of my budget which means I need to fork out more if I really want it. After some test rides, I feel Speed Falco gives me the best impression in terms of speed and stability (451 wheelset and steel frame) where Horize has more grip (wider tyre and better design). Both offered at 999 and 899 respectively. I chose Horize at the end because it is a latest model (2015).

Took it for some rides near my neighborhood.



When it is in folded mode.


@ Woodlands Waterfront


@ Sembawang Park


@ Sembawang Park


@ Sembawang Park


@ Sembawang Ulu PCN


On open field




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