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30 Jun SENNHEISER – Momentum In-Ear

My Klipsch S4i bought from Amazon finally broke down after a year of abuse but plenty of good music though. So I went looking for a better replacement at Challenger Musica located at West Gate, Jurong East.

Particularly I am looking at iOS version which can support volume control. After some hunting, finally lock down on Klipsch R6i & Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear but not able to decide. I like the mid on the Klipsch as it was very clear and not so bassy. Unfortunately I can’t test on the Sennheiser because there were not test set at all…Hmm…Sennheiser has to beef up their marketing.

However due to several considerations, decided to give chance to Sennheiser (what a courage). It turns out the earpiece not bad at all. I would say it is an all-rounder which doesn’t give too much bass (not a bass guy here) and good treble.

I think I got a good buy here.

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