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04 Jul BERN Allston Helmet




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Recently try to pick up the interest to cycling again. I remembered the last time I cycle when I was 12 years old.

Although safety helmet is not mandatory to cycle in Singapore but I advise to wear helmet all time when cycling. There is an incident I brake too harsh until I flipped and fall off from the bike. and thanks God that I wear a GIRO helmet. Just saw in Facebook that a mid age man fall from the Electronic Bicycle and hit his head on the road curb. The photo is gory as his skull cracked and brains splashed all over the place. It happened at Tampines. So guys, to be safe, wear a helmet please.

Today I want to review a Allston helmet from BERN UNLIMITED. I bought it from Amazon and it is a great product. The exterior feels sturdy and have quite number of big gap for air flow. It also has a detachable visor so it doesn’t look like common helmet.


A piece of advice before you buy, make sure buy a size larger than your head size as the internal visor cushion takes up plenty of space. It might be too tight if you chose the exact size.

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