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01 Jul HARRY’s Shaving Products

Harry is a new company who provides the similar service and experience as Dollar Shave Club.

Both of them has service plan to provide razor replacement to customer in U.S. in recurring basis.

Too bad both not available in Singapore.

First look I quite like the Harry’s Winston set and order one straight away through ComGateway.

The razor handle are made in aluminum with ergonomic design. There’s another version called Truman set which use plastic instead.

It was nice to hold. However first time using I felt the razor quite big compared to my old Gillette razor.

After months of usage, I find it became quite comfortable and smooth to use.

The razors are sharp and smooth. The set also comes with cream or foaming gel. I opted for the cream, not fond of foam. The cream has some unique flavor which is quite refreshing.

Downside is very hard to get replacement razors in Singapore. At the moment, only can order from U.S.

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