04 Jul DAHON Horize 2015

I used to go jogging in evening time just trying to lose some weight especially when my metabolism slows down around my age :) But due to my Flat feet (also called pes planus or fallen arches), it's quite annoying having pains after some running...

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04 Jul BERN Allston Helmet

    Recently try to pick up the interest to cycling again. I remembered the last time I cycle when I was 12 years old. Although safety helmet is not mandatory to cycle in Singapore but I advise to wear helmet all time when...

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01 Jul AIRTAME – Streaming Solutions

     Airtame is a Chromecast like adaptor but support not only on Android but multiple OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, , iOS and Windows Phone (Not available yet). This is my first crowdfunding product from Indiegogo. Personally quite like the idea especially on the cross platform part....

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01 Jul HARRY’s Shaving Products

Harry is a new company who provides the similar service and experience as Dollar Shave Club. Both of them has service plan to provide razor replacement to customer in U.S. in recurring basis. Too bad both not available in Singapore. First look I quite like the Harry's Winston...

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